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Currently running MediaWiki version 1.25.5 (d75270f)!

About TestWiki

This wiki, hosted by Xauroflaux through the Referata WikiFarm, is for testing. Any user can request to be an admin, and much can be done with this privilege. Just do not be too stupid, and you will be fine.

Wiki statistics

This wiki currently has:

  • 0 test pages
  • 293 total pages
  • 0 active users
  • 27 total users
  • 2 administrators


  • After more than 2 years in operation, Referata TestWiki is officially closing its doors in September 2019. It's been a great experience but unfortunately circumstances have prevented its continued operation. Throughout the month of August all content is slowly being deleted from the wiki in batches. If you would like archived copies of any wiki content, please email Xauroflaux as soon as possible, ideally prior to its deletion. (August 2019)
  • Roughly 70 unused templates have been deleted due to multiple instances of vandalism. If you notice any broken pages, formats, or display issues, please notify Xauroflaux as soon as possible. Thank you. (January 2019)
  • As a result of a security breach, bureaucrat rights will no longer be granted for testing purposes. However, administrator rights can be still be requested for testing. Please see the amended bureaucrat policy for more information. Please contact Xauroflaux with any questions. (December 2018)

Contact us

You can contact us through two primary methods:

  • The community portal is the most preferred method of contact. On the portal we can track and respond to multiple discussions about various topics.
  • If you need private conversation, you can email Xauroflaux.
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